Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Qualities Brainstorm

Purpose: To practice speaking; review nouns and adjectives

Preparation time: None

Choose a quality, such as round.
Have learners name as many things as possible that have that quality (e.g., wheel, sun, moon, clock, etc.).
You may write down what your students say or you may have them write a list themselves.

Here are some categories:

Things that …

Are red/blue/black/white
Are round/square/oval/flat
Are hard/soft/liquid
Are sweet/sour/bitter/chewy
Come in twos/threes/fours
Have holes/handles
Use electricity
Are made of plastic/wood/metal/glass
Move quickly/slowly

To turn the activity into a game, have each student read his or her list while the rest of the class tries to identify the quality.

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