Friday, July 30, 2010

Scramble Relay

Purpose: This is a warm-up activity that can be adapted for all levels and used to review any situational dialogue or grammar point previously covered in class.

Preparation Time: 10+ minutes

Paper or index cards, pen or marker

Make 2 complete sets of sentences, one for each of two groups. Limit the number of sentences, based on the level of the group and what can be accomplished in 15 minutes. For higher level students, a whole dialogue, poem or story could be put onto cards. Write each word from each sentence on a separate card. Scramble the words in each sentence and clip them together with a paper clip.


  1. Divide the group into two teams, each team standing around a table.
  2. Place each team’s pile of scrambled sentences in front of the room.
  3. A runner from each team takes one scrambled sentence back to its team.
  4. The team works together to unscramble the sentence. When they think the sentence is in correct order, they send a different runner back to the teacher to whisper the solution.
  5. If the sentence is correct, the runner takes another sentence for his or her team to unscramble.
  6. If the sentence is not correct, the runner returns to the team to try again.
  7. When one team has unscrambled all the sentences, the game is over.


When working with a dialogue, poem or story, ask the teams to put the sentences in the proper order after unscrambling them.

Note: This activity can be done with an individual learner. If your student is open to adding an element of competition, time him/her to see how long it takes to unscramble each sentence or to complete the whole task. Sitting next to the student makes it easy to confirm the correct order, but the student must still get up and go get the next set of cards. The physical movement will help keep them alert and make the activity more interesting.

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