Monday, October 18, 2010

Quick Pronunciation Lesson

Purpose: to assist a student who is having difficulty pronouncing a particular word or phrase

Prep time: none

Materials: something to write with (optional)

Prep: none


  1. You hear a student having difficulty pronouncing a particular word or phrase. It could be that the student is having difficulty with word stress, consonant clusters, a particular sound, or some other difficulty.
  2. Replicate what the student says (do the best you can) and then say the target pronunciation. Repeat both versions a few times to help the student hear and see the difference between what he/she is actually saying and what he/she is trying to say. You can also write the two versions, using conventional spelling.
  3. Indicate that the student should attempt to say it again, if he/she hasn’t already done so.
  4. After a couple attempts, move on. It takes time and repetition to learn to pronounce words and being put on the spot during class can be frustrating. Suggest that the student say some repetitions for homework.

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